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Thomas h. goodfellow

The Insurmountable Edge

Two little children savagely stoned to death in the California desert. Top employees of a U.S. defense contractor dying at an alarming rate. A cryptic message sent by a strange, secretive source warns the contractor’s products have been corrupted and could be used against the U.S. Armed Forces.

Halfway across the world, the Chinese have massed their troops and are poised to take over the Middle East’s oil fields.

U.S. Central Command fears the Chinese possess a secret weapon that will lead to the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of U.S. troops. 

The brutally murdered children, the dead defense company employees, the cryptic message, and the Chinese war plans all seem to be connected. But how? Only two men on earth are capable of putting it all together and perhaps stopping a war in the process. Those men are Jack Wilder and Jeff Bradshaw, two of the greatest special operations forces soldiers who have ever lived.  Men who were promoted to general at an early age so that they could ply their unique mental and physical talents in any way they saw fit.  Men who are also best friends.


There’s a problem though. Jack and Jeff are off-duty. For the last two years they’ve been living and bickering together on Jack’s ranch in the California High Sierras while Jeff tries to recover from a severe case of post-traumatic stress disorder.  Jack’s seventeen-year-old ward, a hellcat named Adelaide Monroe, is also on the ranch with them.  Adelaide’s goal is to also be a special operations forces soldier.  Jack and Jeff, despite Adelaide’s querulous ways, are training her towards that goal.

Nothing seems more impossible than getting the three of them to leave the ranch.

But then, on the morning of the anniversary of the death of Jack’s wife, a mysterious blue Maybach shows up at the ranch.  The Maybach’s visit sends Adelaide, Jack and Jeff off on a dangerous trail of murder and intrigue as they confront The Insurmountable Edge.

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About the author

Thomas Goodfellow with his horse

Thomas H. Goodfellow spends most of his time in California, Hawaii, Kentucky, and Wyoming. He is an avid hiker and fly fisherman (he always throws the fish back). He also has a lot of cats, dogs, and horses.

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